Meanwhile. . .

After three years of waiting, I’ve flicked the dust off this blog and have opened for business.  Being a fan of Superman, Star Wars and Star Trek, I have an interest in all aspects of the three fandoms. Movies, series, comics, fan fiction and everything else that comes with their universes. Talking about all aspects of these fantastic universes will be done on a regular basis.

There will be three main contributors to the discussions. My long time internet buddies, KateW and PMC12 (or Paula) and I will share co-ownership and the ability to post new entries. Replies will be open to anyone.

I came into the three fandoms I mentioned because of my dad, whom I call The World’s Oldest Fan Boy, or TWOFB for short. He has a massive collection of novels, comics, magazines and other memorabilia from them and other fandoms he likes. Whenever I visit my parents, I always spend a few minutes getting caught up on the latest comics he has added to his collection. Lately, this has been on his Kindle because he didn’t think the New 52 comics were worth buying hard copies.

Anyway, I read the latest comics and I have to say I’m a  bit worried about the new Bendis rebirth of Superman and Action Comics. We seem to be going into a darker, more brutal Superman universe without Lois being a big part of it and so far no mention of their son, Jon. I could be wrong, but what I’ve read so far is not encouraging to me. Please, let me be wrong.


Get Going

Depending on how things go elsewhere, this will either become my new home online or it will be the shortest time I’ve ever spent at any site anywhere on the web. I don’t know who made the GIF at the top of the page or I would mention them. Yell loudly if you know who made it, and if you made it yell loudly if you don’t want it used here. I’ll take it down.

The membership card image is a joke between a few online friends and me. We’ve taken issue with the way Clark Kent is portrayed in Lois and Clark fanfic, and we decided to form a club of Clark Kent defenders- people who will stand up for him and cry foul whenever we find a story wherein he is described as a blubbering crybaby.

Take my word for it, in the thousands of stories out there, he is a little boy in a man’s body in way too many of them.

He needs us!!!